The city of Anyang is located in the north of the Henan Province of China. With a glorious history of 3,300 years, the city is dotted with many cultural and historical relics. The city is flanked by the Taihang Mountains on the west, the North China Plain in the east, and the Zhanghe River in the north; thus providing the city with a splendid natural landscape. The city’s gardens, ancient monuments, beautiful landscape, and unique ethnic culture have made it one of the most sought-after tourist sites in China. Anyang City has the distinction of being the center of the earliest Chinese civilizations. Going by the oracle bone inscriptions discovered during archaeological excavations around the city, the ancient people of the region were a highly evolved society. They had their own multiple-character advanced script with a proper grammar and phonetics.

Today’s Anyang City is an urban area with a well-defined infrastructure and modern facilities. It is a prosperous region with many thriving industries, including the hospitality and tourism sectors. The city is also famous for its air-sports activities. The Anyang Aero Sports Culture and Tourism Festival attracts a lot of domestic and overseas tourists and general aviation fans.

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