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Does Despegar accept JCB cards?

No, JCB cards are not accepted by Despegar.


• Best availability for Latin American hotels

• Vacation rentals are also available

• Interface is a little different to other OTAs - a pleasant surprise

150,000Bookable Hotels
24 YearsEstablished


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More Questions About Despegar

Does Despegar accept Discover cards?

No, Discover Cards cannot be used for payment on Despegar.

Does Despegar accept UnionPay?

No, UnionPay cannot be used for payment on Despegar.

Does Despegar accept American Express?

Yes, Despegar can accept American Express for payment.

Does Despegar accept Visa?

Yes, you can used Visa card for payment on Despegar.

Does Despegar accept AfterPay?

No, AfterPay is not accepted on the Despegar platform at this stage.

Does Despegar accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay cannot be used to make payment on Despegar according to our research.

Does Despegar accept Google Pay?

No, Google Pay is not accepted on Despegar unfortunately.

Does Despegar accept PayPal?

Unlike many competitors, Despegar doesn't accept PayPal.

Does Despegar accept MasterCard?

Yes, MasterCard is accepted by Despegar.

Does Despegar accept Diners cards?

No, Diners card is not accepted by Despegar.