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Agoda flights has come a long way in the last few year. When we first wrote this review sometime in 2020, is was missing a huge amount of important features, but thankfully it looks like most of these have been added in now finally making Agoda a worthwhile site to book flights (note it’s always been great for hotels).

Simple and easy to use

No credit card fees

Competitive pricing

No advanced filter options


riginally for round-trip flights, Agoda was offering paired combinations, i.e. you select both your outbound and your inbound flights at the same time. However they have now moved to the opposite model, where you select the outbound and inbound flights separately. Generally we think that this offers a better experience to the customer, as there are typically more combinations which can be found.

While previous versions only allowed searching for adults, it’s possible to book tickets for children and infants as well. There’s a few more filter options these days which should cover all your basic needs like filtering by price, departure and arrival times and airline. It is however missing a few more advanced features like the ability to filter by stopover city, or by airlines within a certain alliance for those you love to chase airline points. There’s a great number of sorting options though, some of the most comprehensive we have seen.

Agoda features a price calendar whereby the cheapest prices for your particular flight are listed on the calendar when you are selecting your flight dates. Unfortunately they are not color coded like some other sites making it a little bit difficult to use. Similarly, once you’ve searched for a flight at the top of the page you can see the price for different days around the same time of yours.

What I particularly like about Agoda flights is that they list a lot of the onboard inclusions for each flight, as well as whether they are free or paid, such as whether meals, alcohol and entertainment are included in the price.

If you click in the details of any particular flight they now clearly list the amount of baggage included with the ticket, as well the change and cancellation policies and any fees involved. From what we could see these tickets conditions were always in line with the airline’s official conditions. Having said that this didn’t seem to apply to some international flight, where we instead directed to the airline’s official website. Actually, this should be the most accurate, it’s just a pity you need to leave the website to get this information. There still seems to be a few peculiarities about the site though, for example on the search results page it would indicate that the some flights had baggage allowance included, but didn’t for other flights, even within the same airline. For flights which did include baggage, this information could always be found by clicking through another screen but it’s bizarre that they don’t display this information on the search results page.

We found that checking out was relatively painless, with only the necessary information being required. We also found that domestic flights don’t require ID information to be entered, which is a mistake some other OTAs make. Insurance is offered on this page as well, but luckily there’s not a lot of other upsells. The insurance also includes cancellation for unseen circumstances (e.g. you get sick), so this might be a good thing to consider.

One interesting feature is the ability to add a flight to your cart, and then purchase other flights and or hotels at the same time in the same transaction. This is relatively rate for online travel agencies, although obviously common for other types of ecommerce sites.

Pricing & Fees

So how does Agoda stack up for pricing? We compared 10 popular flight routes against Expedia to get a better idea.

Route Type Agoda Flights Expedia Flights
Los Angeles to New York One Way $108 $117
Orlando to Chicago One Way $64 $75
Los Angeles to Honolulu One Way $235 $256
Pittsburgh to Boston Round-trip $207 $189
Seattle to Portland Round-trip $159 $147
Los Angeles to Las Vegas Round-trip $64 $64
Los Angeles to Sydney One Way $803 $904
Los Angeles to Shanghai One Way $806 $900
Singapore to Tokyo Round-trip $444 $555
New York to London Round-trip $818 $918

Overall the pricing seems very competitive with Expedia, especially for US domestic flights, but also but international flights. In fact sometimes the cheapest flight they offered was up to 20% cheaper than Expedia. This is often because Agoda is better at combining different airlines which means that they can offer a better price. As with most of the other competitors, Agoda don’t charge any booking or credit card fees for flights so you don’t need to worry about being stung by any extra hidden fees.


Overall we found the flight availability to on Agoda to be quite good, with all the major flights we checked able to be found. It’s not as good at pairing together combinations with different airlines like some other OTA competitors, but this represents a relatively small amount of flight in reality.


Flights are available on all three of Agoda’s platforms, Desktop, Mobile and the mobile app available on both iOS and Android. These platforms are all available in around 39 languages at the time of publication.

Payment Methods
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The payment options seem to be a little bit lacking compared to their hotel offering, Only credit and debit cards can be used from MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and JCB. Still, this should be enough for most people. There also didn’t appear to be any additional charges listed for the different payment types, which is a pleasant change from most airlines.


Agoda is a very reliable company when it comes to booking hotels, but they are relatively new when it comes to flight tickets. Having said that, we wouldn’t hesitate to book with them considering they are backed by and definitely worth your consideration.

Customer Service

Agoda offers telephone support (via local phone numbers), online chat via their app as well as email support. However they don’t make most of these options easy to find – usually you’ll have to click a “Show more options” link in the help section. Unfortunately for flights, it appears that at the moment, only phone support is available. Hopefully Agoda will increase these options with time.


Agoda has significantly evolved its flight booking platform in the last few years. Previously lacking in essential features, it now allows users to separately choose outbound and inbound flights for increased flexibility. The platform is inclusive, catering to adult, child, and infant travelers. The addition of various filters for selection by price, departure and arrival times, and airlines enhances usability. While missing advanced features like filter by stopover city, Agoda stands out with its detailed onboard inclusions list and clear baggage, change, and cancellation policies for each flight. The checkout process is straightforward, and the website also provides the unique feature of adding flights to a cart for combined purchases with hotels. Payment is currently limited to credit and debit cards, and no extra charges apply. Agoda's pricing is competitive, with rates often cheaper than other platforms due to its adept combination of different airlines. Despite being new in the flights sector, Agoda's backing by makes it a reliable choice. Although Agoda needs to improve accessibility to its customer support, its flight booking service is conveniently available on all desktop and mobile platforms in 39 languages.

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