Best Hotels in Shanghai

[Last updated: Sun 17 Jan 2021]

Perhaps you will be traveling to Shanghai in the near future and you may be wondering where you should stay. That is why we provide beneficial information about the top Shanghai hotels.


1 The Yuluxe Sheshan Shanghai--A Tribute Portfolio Hotel


Truly, the Yuluxe Sheshan Shanghai - A Tribute Portfolio is a great place to decide to stay when you are in Shanghai, as this hotel offers rooms that are eco-friendly and stylish. The furniture is lovely and comfortable that adds to the cozy relaxation vibe that the rooms provide, which makes your experience a truly relaxing one. It is nifty to have a balcony that overlooks a helicopter landing area. Also, the food that this hotel serves is cooked to perfection and is utterly delicious.


2 The Sukhothai Shanghai


When you are looking for the perfect place that seems like a retreat to get away to relax, then you need to go to Sukhothai Shanghai. This hotel is so quiet and relaxing, which means that you can rest in bed extra long if you need to get some additional rest to de-stress from a busy life. You will like the vibe that this place offers that makes it a top class resort. The rooms are spacious, so that you do not feel cramped and you will be impressed by the gorgeous views.


3 Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai


When you are looking for a place that offers the top class resort experience, then you need to stay at Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai. Also, when you are the kind of person who needs to be able to get out for some leisurely walking in a space that is yet close to the place where you are staying, then you will enjoy strolling on the lovely grounds of the hotel that seem like a wonderful park. This is a terrific hotel that welcomes families, which means that you and your family can enjoy staying here if you are vacationing in Shanghai. Also, this hotel provides an awesome breakfast that is filling and tasty.


4 Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund


When you are looking for a classy hotel that offers top level elegance, then you will enjoy staying at the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund. Also, when you need to have access to eating accommodations at the hotel where you are staying at, then you will be pleased that this hotel offers a wide array of fine cuisine that will surely please you. This hotel offers the courtesy of coffee in the room as well, which tastes splendid.


5 W Shanghai - The Bund


W Shanghai - The Bund offers excellent service and provides the opportunity to enjoy coffee in the executive lounge or the lobby. This is a hotel that does its best to provide you with the accommodations that you need when you book at the last minute, such as an unexpected business trip. The hotel provides rooms that are comfortable, quiet and decorated modernly with lovely decor. The staff members are polite, helpful and friendly. The showers are enormous, have great water pressure with an abundance of hot water that make the experience seem like a spa.


6 The Westin Bund Center Shanghai


Overall, the Westin Bund Center Shanghai is a prestigious resort and makes your experience a pleasant one at all times. If you need two rooms that are next to each other for various members with whom you are traveling, then it is not usually a problem. The service that is provided is phenomenal at all levels. Moreover, the views from the windows of the rooms are spectacular, which add to the enjoyment of your stay. In addition, you can enjoy having a refreshing breakfast delivered to your room.


7 The Peninsula Shanghai


When you are looking for a hotel that you can go to often, because you will be traveling to Shanghai on a frequent basis both for a vacation and for business, then you will be pleased to stay at the Peninsula Shanghai. This hotel truly offers amenities that are top caliber and service that is profoundly accommodating. The executive suite is pristine in cleanliness and breathtaking lavish to make your stay comfortable, indulgent and relaxing.


8 The Puli Hotel and Spa


When you are looking for a wonderful spa experience that will make you ultra relaxed, then you need to stay at the Puli Hotel and Spa. This is a place that also offers the usage of a gorgeous indoor pool that is well maintained. When you are the kind of person that always has to be connected to the online world, then you will have real peace of mind that this hotel offers top performing WiFi service. Also, you can take advantage of the convenience of the restaurant that is located in the hotel, which offers many great types of dishes to choose from.

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