UnionPay Questions & Answers

Does Trip.com accept UnionPay cards?

Yes, Trip.com accepts UnionPay cards on all their platforms.

Does Agoda accept UnionPay?

Yes, Agoda accepts Unionpay credit cards and debit cards on its platforms.

Does Expedia accept UnionPay

Yes, UnionPay cards are accepted on Expedia's website and mobile app.

Does Booking.com accept UnionPay?

No, unfortunately it does not appear that Booking.com accepts UnionPay cards.

Does Hotels.com accept UnionPay?

Yes, UnionPay is accepted by Hotels.com.

Does Ortbitz accept UnionPay?

Yes, UnionPay cards are accepted by Orbitz.

Does Priceline accept UnionPay?

Unlike some of their competitors, Priceline does not accept UnionPay.

Does Webjet accept UnionPay?

No, it appears that Webjet does not accept UnionPay cards.

Does Flight Centre accept UnionPay?

UnionPay isn't currently accepted by Flight Centre.

Does Despegar accept UnionPay?

No, UnionPay cannot be used for payment on Despegar.